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About Legend Karate

The school started in a basement in Brooklyn in the year 1968 with 5 adults. Classes were 5 nights a week, 2-3 hours a night. We were getting successful and started to teach in schools and churches. The students started to compete on a city and state level.

In a perfect world, everyone would get along. Exercise and education would be enough to keep a healthy body and mind. Unfortunately, the world is far from perfect. It’s not always easy, and sometimes piers can be less than friendly. In today’s world of iPhones glued to faces, video game addiction, trash on the internet, and participation awards, kids need to be tough. They need to be able to tell right from wrong in school, with their friends, on the internet. In every one of our students, we see their potential. We see their future and how we can shape it. The road won’t be easy. There will be many challenges to face. We don’t back down from anything. We don’t stand for bullying or disrespect. We don’t give up, we strive to succeed, and we teach every one of our students that same passion.

Hanshi Scarda

Co-founder / Instructor

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